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Fonts Keyboard Themes & Emoji

Feeling down? Gothic, really? Idyllistic? Calm? Sweet? How do you feel at the moment?
Use Fonts Keyboard to elegantly convey all of your thoughts and emotions.

For Android, Fonts Keyboard offers a rich art font library (no root required). 100+ fashionable fonts, symbols, kaomoji, and emojis are included in this FREE new text style.

Type straight into numerous apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and many more. Users don't need to install the app to view your most recent, stylish fonts.

Available in All Scenes: ★ Texting and online conversing; ★ Making stories; ★ Tweeting; ★ Instagram & TikTok biographies; ★ Editing post descriptions; ★ Social media monikers; ★ Diary writing; ★ Find additional enjoyment on your own—the possibilities are endless!

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