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VN is a simple, watermark-free, free video editing tool. Video editing is easy because to the user-friendly interface, which requires no prior experience. It provides all the capabilities needed to produce expert-caliber videos, meeting the requirements of both experienced and novice video editors.

Simple Multi-Track Video Editor • Quick Rough Cut: The VN programme has a track edit design option for PC editions. This makes it simpler for you to select keyframes with durations as little as 0.05 seconds and zoom in or out on any materials. Video editing can be done with as much precision as you like.
• Delete & Reorder Videos Easily: To delete the chosen video clips, simply swipe your finger up or down the screen. Simply drag and drop your video materials to change their order.

• Multi-track Timeline: Easily customise your videos with the Keyframe animation tool by adding picture-in-picture videos, images, stickers, and texts.
• Anytime Drafts Are Saved: You can undo and redo an action as many as you like by saving a draught. You can alter an image without overwriting the original image data thanks to the capability for non-destructive editing.

Utilizable Music Beats
• Music Beats: Insert markers to edit video clips in time with the music to elevate your videos.
• Convenient Recording: You can quickly and easily add high-quality voice-overs to your videos to give them more life.

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