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Fake Call and Sms

To relieve you of the uncomfortable situations, such as a drunken drink, a casual discussion, etc., the application replicates a false caller.

In order to help you mimic messages for resolution, the application simulates a time-based fake message sender that you can define for the inbox, draught box, and error mailbox. evade unpleasant situations.

Because the application is simulated, there are no payments and it is free.

Function: To evade detection, the application's name will be changed to "Call Assistant."
- Simulation - false calls (missed, incoming, and outgoing):
+ Simulate screen calls for different phone lines, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, etc.; updates are ongoing based on customer needs.
+ Add your own custom ringtone, voice, picture, and phone number to the phoney caller information.

+ Select a fictitious caller from your contacts.
+ Pick from the following personalities or false callers: Girlfriend, BoyFriend, Piza,...
+ Record audio or choose an audio clip that can be played back while false callers pretend to be you.
+ Create customised vibration mode, ringing, and conversation time for false calls + Schedule a phoney call for a certain time.
Simulated or phoney communications (Inbox, Go, draughts, errors, etc.)
+ Choose false message information from your contacts. + Customize information for fake messages: Name, phone number, and message content.
+ Choose the mailbox folder to modify from the options available: Inbox, sent, error, draught, go,...
+ Adjust the bogus message timer.

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