MIUI-ify: Custom Notifications

You can toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash, and many more with the help of MIUI-quick ify's setting and notification panel, which is smooth, snappy, and has a native feel similar to MIUI 12. You can even add shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel!

What distinguishes Bottom Quick Settings from MIUI-ify?

The Play Store screenshots show the primary differences. Cleaner, simpler, and more in line with the MIUI aesthetic is MIUI-ify. Bottom Quick Settings are designed in the Android P/Q manner.


- Manage every notification

- Answer, acknowledge, ignore, engage, and manage

- Customization in full colour

- Vibrant colours

BOTTOM STATUS BAR - Move the status bar on your smartphone to the bottom of the screen - Complete support for notifications and system setting icons - Full colour customization - Blacklist: conceal the status bar in particular apps

40+ various settings for quick laying tiles
Add any application or website as a shortcut in the panel; change the layout's tile rows and columns; and add sliders for the screen's brightness, ringtone, alarm, notification, and media volume.

- Adjustable size and position to avoid obstructing navigation gestures
- Blacklist: conceal the handle trigger in particular programmes. - Landscape and fullscreen hiding options

OTHER CUSTOMIZATIONS - Blur the backdrop - Modify the quick setting icons' and panel's background colours
- Add a picture as the panel's backdrop.

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