Volume Control Panel - Style It Your Way!

Volume Control Panel is an improved replacement for your system volume panel that includes a variety of customization choices, all system volume settings in one place, as well as screen brightness, media playback controls, and a number of other shortcuts!

Check out our Telegram design pre-sets channel to discover what's possible: t.me/VPPresets

At t.me/volumepanel, you may join the debate and stay up to date on the newest developments and ideas.

Replace your system volume panel with the Volume Button Override service, start it from the non-obtrusive floating trigger, or map the useful shortcuts to other programmes; it's especially useful if your volume keys are worn or damaged.

* Volume button override * Horizontal or vertical sliders

* Floating Up/Down trigger while swiping up/down

- To change the volume immediately, long press and slide over the trigger.

* Shortcuts in the launcher

* A variety of design templates

* Set the default button response to Media or Ring.

* Dark/Light Modes that can be customised

* Color gradient options

* Colorful animated gradients - RGB IT UP!!

* (Android 9+) Auto Dark/Light Modes

* Vibration intensity can be customised

* Duration of animation can be customised

* Begin with a collapsed or enlarged state.

* Modes: Left or Right-Handed

* In landscape, is it better to be left or right handed?

* Trigger (left or right)

When thrown from the trigger, the panel will open on the same side as the trigger.

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