Backup and Restore All App

Contacts & Apps Backup is a feature of a data backup app.

Restore and Backup Both of you, Contacts Backup is an application that allows you to backup and restore contacts, apps, and other data in a simple and straightforward manner.

This Backup and Restore All: Apps Backup, Contacts Backup application will restore all of the above phone backup categories, as well as Apps backups and local computer backups, with the option to automatically upload to Google Drive and restore contacts from there.

You can look at your backups and history. Restore the backup data to a different phone. You can also make a backup of your photos and restore it to a different phone backup data. You can back up and restore whole directories of photographs as well.

Key Characteristics
Backup your contacts so you can restore them to a new phone.
Images may be backed up and restored.

Backup apps allow you to back up and restore your calendar data at any time.

Free up some room on your phone by deleting something you don't want others to display. The XML backup can be translated to other formats and displayed on a computer as well. If you're going to do a factory reset on your phone, make sure you copy the entire backup folder to your external SD card first. If this is not the case, please copy all of the data to an external SD card.

When you've finished restoring, click OK, and everything should be fine.

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